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Mosto Restaurant

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Know and experiment in all its dimensions different parts of the world: by melting tastes, textures, colours and flavours from diverse latitudes: that is the bet which had inspired Mosto Restaurant and which make alive the Winery Boutique Hotel interpretation. A multicultural proposal through a stylish, ingenious and authentic cooking.

Our preparations are elaborated with local ingredients, enhancing the charm of the sea products and offering a delicate and balanced gastronomy to the palate, influenced by various cultures. It is an invitation to experiment a light and versatile culinary journey.

In addition, Mosto also has a wine cellar with more than 100 specially selected wine labels, favouring those from the Casablanca and San Antonio Valley among others. You will be able to select personally the accompaniments for your meal or to host our suggestions.

Mosto Restaurant is part of Winery Boutique Hotel, which is located in front of the Algarrobo club yacht club, with privileged view and environment of this coastal location.

Arquitecture and design have been fundamental concepts which are intertwined in this hotel proposal, as well as the main house conservation, that was built in 1940. Furthermore, sophistication and contemporary elegance are combined with patrimonial value of the colonial architecture, by offering to our guests a memorable experience, taking care of them and with an excellent quality service.